マリオカートWii 10周年記念 個人杯 / Mario Kart Wii 10th Anniversary Tournament (FFA)

マリオカートWii 10周年記念 個人杯






































20:40 前半組のルームを開設(12人揃い、部屋の状態が良くなった組から開始)



































Skype mii_peachmilk

Skype yasuo1513

Twitter @peachmilk4

Twitter @yasuo1513


Mario Kart Wii 10th Anniversary Tournament (FFA)

・Date and Time

April 13th 2018

13:00 (UK time)

1st round will be separated to 1st half and 2nd half


April 13th 2018

10:00 (UK time)

・Number of positions

the minimum number of people will be 48

・How to participate in this tournament

send the host by Skype or Twitter including the following 3 items

"name", "Friend Code", "possible doing facilitator or not "



All in 150cc

Only Nintendo tracks

Characters, Machines and Controllers are free

1st round to Semi-Final round will be 2GP (8 races), Final round will be 3GP (12 races)

・Prohibited matters

hidden players that no one knows (the host will judge and tell the player not to participate if so)

using the primary mii (-15 points)

repick the track which already been selected within the same round (-15 points, random pick would be fine)

trolling (overlap -15 points, overlap and using item -30 points)

glitch (-15 points)

cheat (disqualification)

call (disqualification)

watching stream of same groups (disqualification)

・Measures for cheating

if the player used cheat in the past or there was any doubt about it, launching by CTGP is required

if you want to use CTGP except the people above, please tell the host about it

if there is inevitable reason you can't start by CTGP, the participation will be permitted by streaming from the Wii menu


if there is 2 or more players having the same points within the same round and those players passes the round, the early request of the applicant would pass

(facilitator have highest priority to pass in this case)

if facilitator is short of number, there will be revision (the player who have lowest points in the passed players and the player who have highest points in the facilitators would be changed)

you can't suddenly changed to facilitator

if the specific player has bad connection, host would tell the player to refuse the tournament (the host would judge)

・Schedules of the Tournament

12:40 (UK time) rooms open for the 1st half in the 1st round (start if the connection is perfect with 12 players)

players will be disqualified if haven't joined in the room before 13:00 (UK time) without any contacts to the host

host will replace the substitute in this case


2nd half in the 1st round would immediately be opened after any of the groups in the 1st half finishes

players will be disqualified if haven't joined in the room after 20 minites have passed without any contacts to the host


2nd round would start after all of the 1st round finishes

・About the substitutes

after the constant number of participants, players will be set to substitutes

host will replace the substitutes if there are any disqualified player or refused player before starting 1st round

If there is no substitute and members are not replaced, the room will be started with the number of people there are at the moment


if there are any players disconnected before the 1st track being selected, the room will be reopened (this will only be once. Host will decide if there are disconnections more than once)

disconnections within 1st race and 2nd race, the player would get 15 points (if player has more than 15 points, that points will be adopted)

disconnections after 3rd race, there are no points will be added

if there are 3 or more people disconnecting within one GP the room will be reopened. (the points of the races before disconnection will be adopted)

・To all the participants

Tournament will take time so player who have time is recommended to participate

Be sure to follow host's twitter on that day. there might be announcements about it

Please be quick to join in the room so the tournament would move smoothly

If you do not join 20 minutes after the room is opened, you will be disqualified

If something unexpected happens, the host will judge and respond each time

・To the facilitators

Please be sure to launch by CTGP, hosting the room and making the table

Please set the CTGP setting same as the following image. (Item with line is required)




When you start the race please start the room with "Very good" or "Perfect"

Please report the results to Skype's facilitator group

・Tournament Hosts

Skype mii_peachmilk

Skype yasuo1513

Twitter @peachmilk4

Twitter @yasuo1513

If you want to ask anything in English please be free to ask to my twitter @BRITISH_mkw